Dear Nandini,
I really treasure my experience at the South Asia Women's Media Summit in Goa where we intensely shared our individual experiences at the ICG for nearly two and a half days.
The interaction would definitely be helpful in my future role as an active woman journalist in Sri Lanka.
The Conference was an eye opener for me for it was the first time I realized that how much we Sri Lankan journalists neglect to notice some of these 'hidden' issues that are, in contrast, very predominant
 in most of the other conservative South Asian societies like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal.
I hope to focus more on these unwritten stories and be sensitive to women's and children's issues through my writings in the future. This experience taught me to look at them in a completely new perspective.
I thank you sincerely for giving me this opportunity.
Sending my warm regards to Venecia, Theja and Arjun. Please try to collect a photo ID so that we can remember and keep in touch with all the friends we met at ICG. Hope to send in mine shortly.
 Warm Regards
 Manjula Fernando (Perera)
 Dear Nandini,
 Hoping this finds you in good spirits.Once again a big thank-you for a wonderful conference in every way.Hope you will seriously give thought to come to Pakistan.
 Warmly, Mariana
 Dear Friends and Colleagues of Women in Media Network:
It was a joy for me to meet you all and spend time with you in the beautiful city of Goa. We shared our opinions, discussions, challenges and frustrations as women in media. I am proud to be a part of this network.
However, I would like to thank you all for accepting me as the Afghan Coordinator for the SAARC conferences and events. I am looking forward to working with this professional media network who will make a major difference - cross cutting - in other women's lives.
Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.
Wishing you all the best,
 Dear Nandini,
 Now I am safely back home.
 It is wonderful to meet you and other participants. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.
 Everything is fine in Yangon althogh some regions of the country are unstable.
 Please let me keep in touch with all of you.
 Have a nice weekend holiday!
 With warm regards,
 Yours sincerely,
 Tin Tin Win
 Dear Venecia,
 It was a great pleasure meeting you at Goa. Your efficiency and suppotive attiude made this summit a memorable experience.
Kindly convey my heartiest gratitude to Ms Nandini for being such a gracious, cordial and generous host. It is not an easy task to arrange and conduct a conerence of this scale. Everything was done in a smooth and prefessional manner,which made this event an enormous
 success. Hats off to her!
Kindly ask your photographer to email me all the pictures,incuding the group photo with the governor. I need to print them in my next issue. I will be waiting for them.
With warm thoughts,
Zoia Tariq
Dear Nandini,
I am grateful that you have been inviting me regularly on Media Summits. This year's summit was a big success. I was impressed by women voices that they are no more a second class work force, and they do not need any undue reservations except for positive discrimination. The level of participants, in average, was much better.
I am really impressed with you for your effort to uplift International Center. The conference hall has been really upgraded to international level. Since you have become the director, things are developing quite fast in the Center.
My apologies for not being present in the last session as we were supposed to meet Nepali actress Manisha Koirala, who had come there for IFFI. Though, as you may be aware, I had given recommendations of my group before hand to Veena Sikri.
Hope to work with you in forming the SA media organization, which we were talking about. I believe, we need to take it more seriously now.
Dear Ms Nandini,
 I am very glad that i was able to attend the summit.Although my contribution was nothing significant, it has been a very enriching and an eye opening experience for me,
 both personally and professionally, as the summit allowed me to interact and listen to some of the most senior and
 experienced journalists in the region. I hope you will continue to include participants from Bhutan in your future
 endeavours as well. Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity and wishing you luck in all the future endeavours.
Warm regards
 Tashi Choden
 News and Current Affairs
 BBS, Thimphu
 Dear Nandini,
It was a great pleasure and honor to be a part of this group. What made this cobnference such a huge success,was your dedication and
 expertise in handling the most difficult issues effectively.
The purpose of the Goa Summit was to form a strong network of women working in media and other fields,so that they can contribute in
 the capacity building,conflict resolving and development of the women of their region. This conference provided us the opportunity to learn
 the strategies applied by the amazing females in the South Asia ,to make their country peaceful and progressive .
I express my gratitude for being a part of this wonderful group.Kindly mail me the SWAN website address.
I would be looking forward to the next meeting.
Zoia Tariq
 Dear Nandini
Got your thank you letter.It was sweet.It was a great pleasure to able to interact with you all.We can keep the good work go on with swan.and thanks again for the lovely time we had in goa.If you need any assistance from Sri Lanka don't hesitate to call me.
Greeting Dear Sahai,
It was our sincere pleasure to contributed in such a significant and useful summit, I am appreciating your active and key role in this summit.
 We had very great time over there, met different scholars form different places with different ideas which was 100 % significant.
 I believe such a useful summits pave the ground toward strong network and wide community through which we can share ideas, exchange knowledge and know more about each others activity's. I would like to thank you from bottom of heart for holding of this triumphant summit, I will be always in cooperation for such useful summits.
 For sure, you have been successful for doing this summit. Thank you.
Best Regards
 Jamila Mujahed
 Dear Ms Nandini, 
 Hope you and the ICG family are fine. My apologies for not able to write sooner. I wanted to thank you all for your hospitality and for bringing the women journalists together. It was a learning experience for young media people like me and i took back more from the summit than what i could contribute to it.
 Thank you once again.
 Sonam Pelden